BYL Calcium - 120 Caps

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Based on the Nobel Prize winning chelating theory of Professor Alfred Weiner, our calcium supplements are made from nature soluble calcium and chelated with the amino acid, L-Aspartate. The successful chelating by our patented technique extends the calcium absorption from the duodenum to the entire length of the small intestine and therefore achieves the absorption rate much superior to those of other calcium products.

The absorption of traditional calcium supplements (inorganic or organic calcium is limited by their poor solubility. The chelate structure of Byl-Calcium, however, allows the calcium to be completely soluble and absorbable along the bio-pathway of absorption and subsequent bio-utilization. Byl-Calcium has a maximum calcium absorption rate of over 90% as opposed to other conventional calcium supplements (5% to 25%). The solubility can be easily tested at home: Byl-Calcium will completely and quickly dissolve in water, tea, coffee or soup of different acidities.

The absorption of traditional calcium is dependent on Vitamin D, which is naturally produced by the human body through sun exposure. However, many people are unable to benefit from traditional calcium supplements due to a decrease in ability to produce and activate Vitamin D, because of age, disease, or lack of sunlight. Moreover, the accumulated Vitamin D in body is very toxic and the body need 40 day to removed the Vitamin D from body after one-dose administration. The calcium in Byl-Calcium is directly transported by L-Aspartate into circular system and utilized in target cells It is the first .supplement that allows calcium to be efficiently absorbed by everyone, even those who lack the ability to absorb calcium properly due to age or disease.

Traditional calcium supplement frequently cause gastrointestinal problems such as hyperacidity, dry stools, and lithogenesis. The calcium from these supplements is insoluble and easy to form precipitates with foodstuffs. The calcium in Byl-Calcium, however, is protected by the chelate bonds, which prevent the formation of magma precipitation (stones) and avoid the development of gastrointestinal problems. Also, each tablet of Byl-Calcium only contains minimal amount of calcium which is enough to meet daily calcium requirements with its high absorption rate. The use of Byl-Calcium versus other supplements particularly reduces the risk of lithonephria, which is caused by calcium accumulation around the kidney in the presence of excess Vitamin D.

Aspartic acids are not only acting as calcium transporters, themselves are nutritional for boost stamina, brain and neural health. Aspartic acids are very important in the functioning of RNA and DNA, as well as in the production of immunoglobulin and in antibody synthesis. The acid also acts as a mild immunostiumlant on the thymus gland. In addition, aspartic acid aids in removal of ammonia and other toxic substances from the body, consequently increasing the body’s resistance to fatigue and increasing endurance.

Calcium salts of amino acids have often been claimed as calcium chelate. This is not true however. The calcium ions will be released immediately from these calcium salts and their adsorptions are exactly same as those of traditional calcium supplement: absorbed only in the duodenum with the presence of Vitamin D and easily form harmful precipitates. Solutions of Byl-calcium chelate is neutral (pH 6-7.5) in water, while calcium salts are very basic as same as detergents (pH over 10) and not drinkable at all.

By the experience with other calcium supplements, you may not expect any noticeable improvement. However Byl-Calcium did show the significant improvements in a short period (one day to several weeks). The outcomes are noticeable, you will feel that !